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By: Richard Hearne Tue, 19 May 2009 03:24:04 +0000 HI Martina

Nice to hear from you. I know this is a tricky one for regulated businesses and legal folk will always weigh in. The curious thing for me is that Irish online firms seem to be so far behind the UK and even more so the US when it comes to lead gen. And then your point about deals that don’t tally with final prices – lack of campaign integration I’d imagine.

Hopefully you found decent insurance in the end though.


By: Martina Mon, 18 May 2009 09:37:56 +0000 Hi Richard,

Funny I am looking around at car insurance at the moment, and not enjoying the online car insurance experience. From badly designed email layouts from that led me to click into personal insurance to overly fussy quote pages across the board, to companies offering excellent deals, that just don’t tally with my final quote, and not showing what criteria these super deals are based on. I also had a quote whereby it was more expensive to insure my car if I ticked that it was stored in a garage.

As for your point above, absolutely agree. You don’t ask anything of your visitors until they have engaged in the funnel and made enough of a time/effort investment to warrant them accepting the requests you put in front of them. I also think a ‘quick quote’ option on car insurance sites – whereby you put in a few stats (rather than the huge amount of info currently needed) to get a ball park figure – a from euro xx to euro xx type of quote. Obviously user can then finetune, if the ballpark quote sounds reasonable, and would be happier to take the time to fill in all the details.