Comments on: Monday Round-up Search Engine Optimisation Ireland Tue, 31 Mar 2015 10:03:56 +0100 hourly 1 By: Eoghan McCabe Mon, 18 Jun 2007 16:09:11 +0000 New Blacknight mini-shot looks sexy…

By: Richard Hearne Mon, 18 Jun 2007 15:34:25 +0000 Hello all :grin:

@Alastair – have you seen the state of many of the websites that belong to established players? Honestly yours is a breath of fresh air. Best of fortune with the enterprise.

Best rgds to all,

By: Alastair McDermott Mon, 18 Jun 2007 13:24:21 +0000 Hi Richard,

I’ll add my thanks for the mention!

It’s a relief to have the site finished, I can start interacting with the community openly without being embarassed that people might go check it out :)

I’ll catch up with people to introduce myself at OpenCoffee this week, I know there’s a couple of people wondering “who the hell is this guy” :)


By: Michele Mon, 18 Jun 2007 09:51:47 +0000 Richard

Thanks for the mention :)

We’re still working with Alan on finalising some of the finer details before moving onto the next stage.

Ken – never mind the design – buy hosting and lots of it :) Oh wait – the new site should help you do that more easily :)

By: Ken Mon, 18 Jun 2007 09:38:45 +0000 Looking forward to checking out the new Blacknight design.

By: Damien Mulley Mon, 18 Jun 2007 09:35:30 +0000 I’d forgotten Al was short for Alastair. Howdy Al!