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Golden Spiders Analysis Notes

Posted in: CSS,JavaScript,Standards,Statistics,WebDev by Richard Hearne on November 6, 2006
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The notes to accompany my analysis:

#1 Framed Site
#2 Unable to test framed site in WAVE
#3 Very minor issue possibly from CMS
#4 Site not accessible without JavaScript enabled
#5 Very minor error in CSS
#6 Very minor omission
#7 In-line CSS could not be validated
#8 In-line CSS could not be validated
#9 Parser failed to access file
#10 Parser could not access file – possibly behind a firewall
#11 No CSS used on page
#12 Flash Website with no HTML alternative
#13 Parser failed to parse file.
#14 No CSS used on page
#15 Could not validate – maybe __VIEWSTATE value?
#16 Validation errors were caused by non-critical image elements. But ALT attribute was missing not empty.
#17 LABEL for attribute != input ID attribute
#18 Empty LABEL tag
#19 WAVE couldn’t parse page overlay
#20 Cynthia – HTTP Transfer Error – 12007: [12007] Internet Name Not Resolved.

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