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Slightly sad reflection on where SEO has ended up

Posted in: General by Richard Hearne on February 4, 2015
Internet Marketing Ireland

 I wish this wasn't a reality, and still see many fascinating developments in SEO, but at the lower levels of the industry this is a growing issue:

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Negative SEO a Shocking but Inevitable Epidemic?
However, in the last 6 months, we have started seeing a different cause for these type of spammy links. A much more sinister cause. Negative SEO.

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  1. I believe this is a fairly accurate account.     Unscrupulous people who prey on uneducated site owners…about ever evolving and changing parameters by Google and other SE's.          Google is every bit a guilty, as the flyby SEO agency who offered 1000's of links for a few $$$ as is the site owner.    I think they still need to be more transparent.    

    At least they are giving us decent heads up with their new efforts on mobile friendly sites.       I know of 10 families wish they did the same a few years ago about Panda issues.

    Comment by Trey Collier — February 4, 2015 @ 9:13 am

  2. To be fair, I'm sure some of those "let me hear more about this service" could be those of curiosity on what black hat things they are doing in order to learn how to avoid it.

    Comment by Micah Fisher-Kirshner — February 5, 2015 @ 7:44 am

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