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Eubrowser.com .ie Domains Released – nike.ie, reebok.ie, irishindependent.ie

Posted in: Domains by Richard Hearne on January 5, 2008

Some of the juiciest .ie domains were registered over the years by individuals who really had no relationship with those domains. eubrowser.com had previously registered over 500 .ie domains including branded terms such as nike.ie and reebok.ie. Well those domains have now been deleted by IEDR along with a number of others previously owned by eubrowser. More details within…

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Phuket – The Domaining Capital of The World

Posted in: Domains by Richard Hearne on December 19, 2007

I never realised all the major domainers hung out in Phuket for Christmas.

Sure ya learn a new thing every day….

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nch.ie – National Concert Hall

Posted in: Domains,Standards by Richard Hearne on September 1, 2007

With a quickly expanding number of ‘grey surfers’ it’s vital that you’re site is as accessible as possible to all visitors.

Perhaps the NCH need to take some time checking the front door…

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DublinIreland.com at Auction for $75,000

Posted in: Domains by Richard Hearne on August 16, 2007

Have you been a site owner for many years? Perhaps you haven’t even paid attention to some of those old domains you have lying around?

Well maybe you should. The latest DomainTools live auction is currently running and dublinireland.com is listed at $75,000…

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Ireland .ie ccTLD Safest In The World

Posted in: Domains,Security by Richard Hearne on March 17, 2007

A recent report from McAfee Site Advisor ranks Ireland’s .ie ccTLD as the second safest TLD in the world.

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