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Usability Category – Posts related to Usability and Online User Experience with respect to the usage of websites and web-based interfaces.

How Would You Let Them Know? Broken Website, and No Email Contact

Posted in: Usability by Richard Hearne on November 9, 2009

I love feedback. Good, bad or indifferent – it’s all good. The only bad feedback is no feedback at all. So here’s a nice case where the lack of a simple online feedback mechanism means that one travel website is likely to remain broken for some time.

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VHI.ie – 5 Simple Steps to Improve UX 100%

Posted in: CSS,Marketing,Usability by Richard Hearne on July 22, 2008

A long post about the corporate site of VHI (vhi.ie), Ireland’s largest private health insurance company, in which I suggest 5 improvements of their front-end to improve their User eXperience 100% (well actually 4 front-end changes and one tincey-winsey server configuration change). Continue reading to find out what they are…

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Irish Times Website – irishtimes.com

Posted in: New Media,Usability by Richard Hearne on June 30, 2008

A first look a the new Irish Times website at www.irishtimes.com. Shooting from the hip, but I have a few thoughts on the boilerplate, usability and some great features and touches… More inside »

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Is Your Website Converting Poorly?

Posted in: Usability by Richard Hearne on September 27, 2007

I’m looking for a new office. Something nice, well fitted, good location.

Oh yeah, and preferably with a website that actually lets me in to preview what they’re offering…

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Companies Registration Office (CRO.ie) Analysis

Posted in: Standards,Usability by Richard Hearne on August 13, 2007

The Companies Registration Office website (CRO.ie) is a great resource for competitive business intelligence. All Irish limited companies are required to submit proper statements of account which can yield some very interesting competitive information.

I’m quite sure that a lot of money has been invested into the site over the years, and the most recent upgrade probably didn’t come cheap, but why is it that public bodies are permitted to use tax payers funds without a requirement for a bare minimum of standards in the delivered outcome…

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Internet Marketing For Hotels – Best Practice & ROI Study

Posted in: Marketing,Search Engine Optimisation,Usability by Richard Hearne on March 21, 2007

The hotel space is just about as competitive an online niche as you’re likely to find. This study presents some interesting facts and figures that should be of interest to anyone in that space.

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Apple iPhone the Tipping-Point for Mobile Internet?

Posted in: Marketing,Search Engines,Standards,Technology,Usability by Richard Hearne on January 10, 2007

Here comes the iPhone. It looks great, Apple are fated for their customer-centric products, and the feature set may revolutionise how we interact with our phones.

But could the iPhone herald the genesis of the Mobile Internet we are waiting to get?

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eGovernment Accessibility Analysis

Posted in: Browsers,CSS,JavaScript,Standards,Usability,WebDev by Richard Hearne on December 10, 2006

A study into the Accessibility of major Government, Public and Political websites.

The full study is available for download from within this post.

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Posted in: General,Marketing,Statistics,Usability,WebDev by Richard Hearne on November 29, 2006

the Golden Spider was awarded to Moviestar.ie for its performance, as a functioning site in addition to design, innovation, content, navigation, technology, interactivity and ease of use.


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Golden Spider Awards – The Results

Posted in: Browsers,CSS,Marketing,Standards,Usability,WebDev by Richard Hearne on November 24, 2006

The entries this year were outstanding and testament to the strength of the Irish internet industry. These awards provide an important opportunity to recognise and showcase online excellence.

Mr. Cathal Magee, MD eircom

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When You Get Exposure Leverage It

Posted in: Marketing,Technology,Usability,WebDev by Richard Hearne on

What would you give for a free interview on national radio with Pat Kenny to pitch your latest product? As they say, you couldn’t pay for media like that. Not to mention that it’s free.

And let’s say the primary sale channel was your website – would you try to ensure that this cutting-edge product was heavily promoted on your site?

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