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Link Bait Category – Posts related to the beautiful art of Link Baiting. In my view the ultimate form of Link Building.

Weirdest Link Exchange Request Ever?

Posted in: Link Bait,Link Building by Richard Hearne on June 15, 2007

Ok, I’m genuinely flummoxed.

Is this the best or the worst link exchange request ever?

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SES London – Linkbait, and When It’s Not

Posted in: Link Bait,Link Building by Richard Hearne on February 20, 2007

‘Link Baiting, Buying Links & Other Tactics’ promised to be one of the most interesting sessions at SES London.

And that it was, until the last speaker stuck his foot in his gob. Shame he just didn’t understand linkbait. Bigger the shame poor old Rand Fishkin was on the end of that speakers ignorance.

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How Would You Like A €2,000 Web Design For Free? It’s Just One Click Away

Posted in: Blogs,Link Bait by Richard Hearne on February 7, 2007

What started out as a friendly blog thread has quickly escalated into one of the biggest on-line give-aways the Irish blog scene has ever seen.

Something tells me this is just the beginning. But if you fancy €2,000 of free web design read on.

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The Ultimate Link Bait

Posted in: Link Bait,Link Building by Richard Hearne on February 6, 2007

If you’re interested in link building and social media marketing then you really have to read this article published by Andy Hagans.

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The Tale of a Link Whore, a Mobile PC, a Site Review, and some Clever Market Disruption

Posted in: Blogs,JavaScript,Keywords,Link Bait,Marketing,Technology by Richard Hearne on January 24, 2007

Roam4Free eh? Sounds compelling – something that everyone who roams wants.

I think Pat is on to an absolute winner. And with a couple of tweaks to the website I think this will become even more of a no-brainer for customers.

But is my advice any good? You decide (and there’s a free link for anyone who can figure out what I’m thinking at the end :mrgreen:)

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A New Year, Some New Ideas, and My Time for Free!

Posted in: Clients,Keywords,Link Bait,Search Engine Optimisation by Richard Hearne on January 7, 2007

First post of 2007, some thoughts, some ideas, and free site reviews and advice. Read on and leave your URL in the comments.

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Blogging tactics at SEOmoz

Posted in: Link Bait,Search Engine Optimisation by Richard Hearne on August 31, 2006

I have to admit that the whole blogging thing has quite a steep learning curve for me. I had never blogged or posted my views before launching Red Cardinal’s blog around the end of July.

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Link Baiting to a Job Vacancy

Posted in: General,Link Bait,Marketing by Richard Hearne on August 4, 2006

Via Ajaxian: I noticed that in the original post, as well as including a neat article about AJAX, the author makes reference to job vacancies at the company he works for. While he probably didn’t write the guide specifically as link bait for those positions (but who knows?), it very certainly has helped create free […]

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