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How To Easily Hide Client-side Content from Google Web/Mobile Preview Bot

Posted in: Google,JavaScript by Richard Hearne on March 8, 2011

Well here it goes, long time no see! Quick and easy way to hide content from Google’s PreviewBot which generates the preview images for Google Web Search and Google’s released-today Mobile Search Previews.

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Using Text Replacement with Flash – Dangerous?

Posted in: Browsers,JavaScript,Search Engine Optimisation by Richard Hearne on August 8, 2007

Flash Replacement can be an excellent addition to your website. When implemented correctly it offers a great win-win outcome – your users have an improved visitor experience, and the Search Engines can index the complete content of your page.

But implemented poorly and your site could be on the receiving end of a penalty, or worse still – an outright ban.

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Offline RSS Reading – Google Gears & Greader

Posted in: Google,JavaScript,RSS by Richard Hearne on June 3, 2007

Gears is a client-based browser-extension that allows you to access online data while offline. My first use for Gears is to vanquish some of the unread posts currently clogging up my feed reader. And I wont have to be online to do so….

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$65m, And Some Of The Worst Use Of Javascript Ever

Posted in: JavaScript,Standards,WebDev by Richard Hearne on February 27, 2007

Use Javascsript well and you get some of the best web-based applications like Gmail and Google Reader.

Use Javascript where you should really be using plain HTML? Well here’s a nice $65m example that teaches a good lesson.

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Blind People Can’t Eat Chocolate

Posted in: Browsers,CSS,JavaScript by Richard Hearne on February 13, 2007

Hand on heart, this is one of the biggest shockers I’ve ever come across.

You probably wont know what all the fuss is about. But believe me when I say that this is going to go into a text book someday. And it won’t be under a ‘best’ title.

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The Tale of a Link Whore, a Mobile PC, a Site Review, and some Clever Market Disruption

Posted in: Blogs,JavaScript,Keywords,Link Bait,Marketing,Technology by Richard Hearne on January 24, 2007

Roam4Free eh? Sounds compelling – something that everyone who roams wants.

I think Pat is on to an absolute winner. And with a couple of tweaks to the website I think this will become even more of a no-brainer for customers.

But is my advice any good? You decide (and there’s a free link for anyone who can figure out what I’m thinking at the end :mrgreen:)

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eGovernment Accessibility Analysis

Posted in: Browsers,CSS,JavaScript,Standards,Usability,WebDev by Richard Hearne on December 10, 2006

A study into the Accessibility of major Government, Public and Political websites.

The full study is available for download from within this post.

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Does Google Know Your MSN & Y! Searches?

Posted in: Browsers,Google,JavaScript,Search Engines,Security by Richard Hearne on November 17, 2006

Very interesting find by SEO by the SEA. It appears that your browser is sharing your search history with all and sundry.

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Golden Spider Awards – Are These Really Ireland’s Best Websites?

Posted in: CSS,JavaScript,Marketing,Standards,Statistics,WebDev by Richard Hearne on November 6, 2006

The full results from the accessibility and standards compliance analysis of all websites short-listed for the 2006 Golden Spiders awards.

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Golden Spiders Analysis Notes

Posted in: CSS,JavaScript,Standards,Statistics,WebDev by Richard Hearne on

Notes to accompany my analysis.

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Golden Spiders Take #4

Posted in: CSS,JavaScript,Standards,Statistics,WebDev by Richard Hearne on

Here are the results for those websites short-listed in categories 13 – 16.

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Golden Spiders Take #3

Posted in: CSS,JavaScript,Standards,Statistics,WebDev by Richard Hearne on

These results cover websites short-listed in categories 9 through 12.

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Golden Spiders Take #2

Posted in: CSS,JavaScript,Standards,Statistics,WebDev by Richard Hearne on November 5, 2006

This is the second batch of results for the analysis of the Golden Spiders short-listed websites.

This sample includes the Best Web Design Agency category.

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Golden Spiders Take #1

Posted in: CSS,JavaScript,Standards,Statistics,WebDev by Richard Hearne on

The Golden Spiders are billed as Ireland’s ‘Oscars’ for the Internet industry. With over 100 websites nominated I decided to take a look at the accessibility and coding standards of each site.

Here’s the first batch of results.

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Is This The Future Of Blog Commenting?

Posted in: JavaScript,WebDev by Richard Hearne on October 9, 2006

Could this User Interface be the future of blog commenting?

Check out this innovative UI built on Yahoo’s User Interface Library.

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Dublin Coastal Development a LOT Slicker Than Funda.ie

Posted in: JavaScript,Marketing,Search Engine Optimisation,SEO,WebDev by Richard Hearne on September 29, 2006

Well this is definitely my last post about Dublin Coastal Development and Funda Ireland, whose website finally went live today without a bang.

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Another Distraction

Posted in: Google,JavaScript,WebDev by Richard Hearne on

I opened my RSS reader this morning to find that Google had completely renovated the place. And I’m not talking a lick of paint here.

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Gucci places faith in Scriptaculous over Flash

Posted in: JavaScript,WebDev by Richard Hearne on August 23, 2006

You may or may not have heard of Thomas Fuchs’ Script.aculo.us which is a Javascript effects library written on top of Sam Stephenson’s popular Prototype library.

Well the new Gucci site is built on top of these excellent Javascipt libraries and you may be interested in taking a look.

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Need WebStats? Google Analytics goes free for all!

Posted in: Google,JavaScript,Search Engine Optimisation,Statistics by Richard Hearne on August 16, 2006

Previously invite-only, Google Analytics has now opened to the masses for business.

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