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PPC Category – Posts related to Pay Per Click advertising and how PPC converges with SEO.

Deceptive Practices Will Never Go Away

Posted in: PPC by Richard Hearne on July 20, 2009

Around most industries you will find businesses scavenging at the less-savoury edges, often making quite a good return while they’re at it. Very often those businesses operate in ways regular people might consider to be unethical, and sometimes deceptive and/or illegal. In many cases governments are forced to regulate to keep order. The Premium Rate phone segment, in my opinion, is a great example of why regulation is needed.

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Irish Banks In UK

Posted in: PPC by Richard Hearne on October 7, 2008

Interesting study into recent UK search activity around Irish banks. The report highlights the impact the Irish bank guarantee is having on grass-roots banking consumers in the UK.

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The Ethics of Sectoral-Based SEO Services

Posted in: PPC,Search Engine Optimisation,SEM by Richard Hearne on August 7, 2007

What happens when an SEO provider promotes multiple competing websites? Is there an ethical dimension to this issue that requires discussion?

Now add into the mix PPC management – just how large can the conflicts of interest get?

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If You Run Adwords Reading This Will Save You Money, Guaranteed

Posted in: PPC,SEM by Richard Hearne on March 9, 2007

If you run Adwords then Dave Davis’ post on optimising your campaign is absolutely required reading material.

Do yourself a favour, read this article and stop throwing money at Google.

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Using ASCII to Cheat Adwords – Which Of These Ads Grabs Your Attention?

Posted in: Google,PPC by Richard Hearne on February 9, 2007

Some clever advertiser inserts ASCII code to highlight the Adwords headline. And it works a treat.

What do you think? Shot inside.

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Are Your Adwords Campaigns Leaking?

Posted in: Google,Keywords,Marketing,PPC,Search Engines,SEM by Richard Hearne on November 14, 2006

Do you use Google Adwords to promote your website? Could you be spending large sums of money with no chance of making a return?

Quite a lot of sites are you know…

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