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Blind People Can’t Eat Chocolate

Posted in: Browsers,CSS,JavaScript by Richard Hearne on February 13, 2007
Internet Marketing Ireland

Well not Lily O’Briens chocolate anyway:

Lily O'Briens Lynx View

That’s the view you get if you visit their site in Lynx.

But as if that’s not bad enough, there is an even worse issue with this site which will seriously affect Lily O’Briens at the business level.

Being at SES London, and meeting guys who are literally making millions from SEO (some of these guys are billing €1k per hour), is teaching me that I shouldn’t be just giving away my knowledge. So in this case I’m going to keep my powder dry for the moment.

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  1. [...] Your internet browser is not capable of displaying this site. Try again using at least Internet Explorer 5 or Firefox. No CSS Support No Javascript Support Surely I should be able to choose whether I want to view a site or not? Oh no… this just gets better and better. Now I’m almost pissing myself in the hotel bar I’m not going to give away the details just yet, but this one is a shocker. Blogged the JS issue here and left a tickler for O’Briens: Blind People Can’t Eat Chocolate | Search Engine Optimisation Ireland .:. Red Cardinal __________________ .: Search Engine Optimisation Ireland | Catering Company Dublin :. [...]

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  2. What is interesting is the site correctly displays the site with a User-Agent of Google Bot or Google Image Bot.

    check here

    Comment by David Doran — February 14, 2007 @ 8:14 pm

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  4. [...] Richard Hearne of the SEO blog RedCardinal in his blog post Blind People Can’t Eat Chocolate highlighted that the site will not display anything in browsers it does not recognise. [...]

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