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This is really well worth reading

Posted in: General by Richard Hearne on December 6, 2014
Internet Marketing Ireland

 If there's one person who seems to be able to analyse Google's actions from a very strategic level it's +aaron wall 

Not saying he's always right, but he's certainly able to look at very complex systems, see how things may fit together, and then back up his hypotheses with well considered arguments.

I doubt many would disagree that lately Google is very aggressively pushing to monetise their search ecosystem, and doing what's best for users seems to sometimes take a back seat.

The commentary around brands is very interesting – the hotel examples should make any large players in that industry especially uneasy.

Great weekend read. Make sure to read the comments.

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Have We Reached Peak Google? Great weekend reading by SEO Book

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Have We Reached Peak Google?
Search vs Native Ads. Google owns search, but are they a one trick pony? A couple weeks ago Ben Thompson published an interesting article suggesting Google may follow IBM and Microsoft in peaking, perhaps with native ads becoming more dominant than online search ads.

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