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Poor old Daniweb got hit yet again by Google in November 2012

Posted in: General by Richard Hearne on June 10, 2013
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 Previously used as a case study for removing Panda penalties, Daniweb was hit by an as-yet undisclosed updated around November 20th 2012.

It's an interesting read, but all-in-all goes to show that anyone who thinks Google cares about websites is mistaken. They care only about searchers and search results. That's fine, but site owners really need to accept this fact and move on.

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DaniWeb hit in November ’12 and haven’t recovered since – Google Product Forums
Google Product Forums > Webmaster Central >. หมวดหมู่: Crawling, indexing & ranking : DaniWeb hit in November ’12 and haven’t recovered since. แสดง 1-73 จาก 73 ข้อความ. DaniWeb hit in November ’12 and haven’t recovered since, Dani of DaniWeb, 4/6/2013, 20:35 น. I have read the FAQs and checked …

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