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Òh come on Bill Hartzer (apologies this doesn't seem to be from Bill at all,…

Posted in: General by Richard Hearne on December 11, 2014
Internet Marketing Ireland

Òh come on Bill Hartzer (apologies this doesn't seem to be from Bill at all, and I now see it's an article from 6 weeks ago) surely you can do better than this?

Did you bother to check whether sites on new gTLD had been migrated/redirected from previous domains onto the new domains?

And as to this notion that bolding of the TLD in display signals anything – isn't just as likely that the process Google uses to bold words in URL/snippet simply applies same to TLD, and Google sees no reason to change this? What makes you so sure that Google takes any notice of TLD?

This, as with other recent "studies" of gTLD ranking, is terribly flawed.

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SEO Study: New gTLD Domains DO Boost SEO Rankings
A SEO study looking into the SEO impact of new gTLDS vs .COM and other TLD domain extensions. The new gTLDs do effect search engine rankings.

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  1. Oops, apologies +Bill Hartzer. It looks like this is from someone else entirely. I misread an article here and attributed this to you: http://www.circleid.com/posts/20141210_early_data_suggests_new_gtlds_perform_well_in_search_environment/

    I still think there's zero empirical evidence to support an hypothesis that new gTLDs rank anyway differently than other gTLDs. 

    Comment by Richard Hearne — December 11, 2014 @ 5:32 am

  2. Thanks +Richard Hearne after I released my study results, +Total Websites copied my idea(s) and released their own "data". And they even used the same exact graphic/image from my original post.

    Comment by Bill Hartzer — December 12, 2014 @ 5:25 pm

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