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I think more and more content owners are going to push back against Google, and perhaps…

Posted in: General by Richard Hearne on May 19, 2014
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I think more and more content owners are going to push back against Google, and perhaps at the end of the day it might be publishers who effect changes.

Sure, this thread is just SEOs, but I'm beginning to feel that site owners are getting more and more pissed with how Google controls the flow of the Internet, and many more are becoming sceptical of Google being a passive conduit to content. 

I particularly liked this:

At this point the cost of becoming a good source of information has increased greatly to the point that very few publishers with resources can actively manage all the rules and "guidelines" Google decides to throw at the content creators that provide the content that makes the search engine valuable.

This suits Google perfectly as there will be less competition, and of course Google has near-limitless resources (vis-a-vis everyone else) to build out content.  Not to mention that they get most of their content for free by scraping it from elsewhere.

It's a shame, but Google's sheer dominance will likely be their fatal flaw…

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Google is Breaking the Internet | Hacker News
Matt, this does not address whatsoever the point being brought up. And in case you missed it, I will try to cite it as clearly as possible here: This is a case where google wants people to mold the internet according to what their current incarnation of their algorithm says the way it should be.

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