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Google Opens More ccTLDs to GWT Geotargeting Tool

Posted in: Geotargeting by Richard Hearne on August 19, 2009
Internet Marketing Ireland

I’ve written on multiple occasions about Google’s GWT Getargeting tool (see all geotargeting posts here), and webmasters have long griped about the inability to use the tool with ccTLD (country level domains such as .co.uk, .ie etc). Well it seems that Google are slowly adding more ccTLDs to the list of domains that can be geotargeted via Google Webmaster Tools.

Not sure of all the ccTLDs added yet, but it does appear that .me was added recently, adding to .tv and a handful of other “vanity” ccTLDs that webmasters can now geotarget away from their origin country.

.ie is still hardwired to Ireland though. More info hopefully direct from the horse’s mouth.

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