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IXQuick.com Private Meta Search – a good thing for SEO?

Posted in: Google,Search Engine Optimisation,Search Engines by Richard Hearne on July 30, 2006
Internet Marketing Ireland

From the IXQuick press release:

As personal privacy concerns create growing alarm about the freedom of the Internet, the Ixquick metasearch engine (www.ixquick.com) has taken a pioneering step: starting today, Ixquick will permanently delete all personal search details gleaned from its users from the log files.

This may be a welcome development for searchers but doesn’t bode well for SE techniques such as geo-targeting results.

Services such as IXQuicl also make SEO and SEM more difficult, again because (I presume) the SE’s cannot geo-track the searcher:

Ixquick’s Meta Search feature enables the user to simultaneously search 12 of the best search engines. However, Ixquick does not share the user’s personal data with these individual search engines in any circumstances.

I sent IXQuick some feedback requesting info on what data is stripped from the request and geo-targeting is handled.

If this type of meta search engine really takes off I think it will make SEO and SEM that bit more difficult.

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