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Like To See The Organiser Of The Future?

Posted in: Marketing,Technology,WebDev by Richard Hearne on October 21, 2006
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There seems to be a lot of buzz about Scrybe.

I have to say the video blew me away (but of course until we see the working application everything is based on a very polished teaser video):

That UI is very, very impressive looking.

It is unknown what architecture this app is built on, but there is some speculation it’s on Flash and Flex (the video looks too smooth to be html/js).

Regardless of the underlying technology, what is plain to see is that these guys are thinking outside the box and working on a very new and innovative way to organise our lives. The biggest break-through seems to be the ability to work off-line seamlessly and easily re-sync later on.

How long will they remain independent (if they are independent?) if they can actually deliver this application?

Looking forward to seeing the real-life version :) You can sign up for the Beta here.

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  1. I saw it a few months back and was impressed.
    The demo may be more impressive than the product!

    However what I then their IP/business model should be in breaking out the on/off-line sync tool and selling that on its own. Google could snap that piece up in a heartbeat for their hosted appl or anyone thats in the Web 2.0 (appl) space.
    It good go open source, etc… lots of options.
    Forget the Scrybe bit and go sell that!

    Heh! but what do I know?


    Comment by Lal — March 22, 2007 @ 8:16 pm

  2. Hi Lal

    Funny, I was sorta wondering what happened to this. Seemed very impressive at the time. Actually seemed a bit too serious TBH. I wasn’t sure if it was a fake or not.

    Probably lot of smoke and mirrors in the hope that someone would pick them off perhaps.


    Comment by Richard Hearne — March 22, 2007 @ 8:29 pm

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