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Today I Will Mainly Be Wearing…

Posted in: Online Marketing by Richard Hearne on June 10, 2009
Internet Marketing Ireland

… a suit, as I’m the trainer at tonight’s Digital Marketing Institute course in Dublin. My session is covers Site Architecture, and given that I’m very interested in the more technical aspects of SEO and site architecture I really enjoyed being part of the previous session.

Hopefully tonight I’ll meet some more interesting folk, and have some great discussions around Online Marketing in Ireland.

Next week I’ll be down to the Rebel Republic as the trainer of the Cork course.

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  1. Hi Richard,

    I recently completed the DMI course. One of the nights for our course was cancelled (prob in April)….I think that was one of your nights? it was tagged onto the end and given by Ian Dodson.
    Anyway I’m just after going through your course slides from the DMI site, and don’t remember seeing them before, it’s very interesting stuff. After a fairly quick run through there are a few things I don’t quite get. Any chance that I could call you about these next week, or I could email them in.

    Comment by Adrian — June 13, 2009 @ 1:07 pm

  2. Hi Adrian

    I’ll contact you offline to follow-up on this.


    Comment by Richard Hearne — June 15, 2009 @ 11:04 am

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