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Sky Handling Partner – It just gets better and better (and better)

Posted in: Social Media by Richard Hearne on June 22, 2007
Internet Marketing Ireland

OMFG – this will make case studies for MBAs in the future: “How NOT to handle negative publicity via Social Media”

Good God Sky Handling Partner, who is advising you? Seriously?

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  1. Richard its a bit late trying to throw some linkage to SHP now. :-) Have you seen the mess of G’s results with all the bloggers? Very damaging for the company now.

    I just wonder how long it will take until they are knocked off the #1 spot for their own name, probably best they say sorry before things get worse.

    Comment by Gavin — June 24, 2007 @ 12:01 pm

  2. Best one is when you set prefs to 100 results per page. Was talking to Jason Roe and we were laughing about how difficult it would be to clear the top 10 results of negative pages. Reputation management of the highest magnitude would be required.


    PS – we haven’t even gotten to the legal phase yet (which I believe is well in the works as I speak). Wait till the national press picks up, then we’re going to get a real laugh out of this.

    Comment by Richard Hearne — June 24, 2007 @ 12:46 pm

  3. I would think there is no hope in clearing those negative results. Worse yet, the companies reputation has been totally destroyed all because he took a hissy fit over a lost bag.

    To be honest it doesn’t surprise me that an employee had gone rouge and did what they did after the name calling Mulley posted on day 3 of his missing bag. I believe his attack on the employees (using his blog) was totally uncalled for but still…

    This is sure to get interesting and I’m keeping well away from it, or at least will try. :-)

    Comment by Gavin — June 25, 2007 @ 11:58 pm

  4. Not so sure I’d lay the blame with Damien so much on this Gavin.

    Yeah, I’m sure he can be difficult in difficult situations, but I don’t think he goes looking for fights with people (hmmm… well not unless you’re a telecom poodle – actually I’ll rephrase this, he has a good heart and likes to fight for the little guy). He can be a bit loose with the language now and again (he’s very respectable offline believe it or not).

    I’m not too surprsed that someone got pissed off and signed him up for the dating sites, but the true dumbness here was using the free computer in the corner of the office to do so :cool:

    It’s a fantastic case study for the corporates though. I doubt you’ll get a better example than this of:
    1. the power of blogging;
    2. the power of social media;
    3. the reputation outcomes of arsing things up online;
    4. the speed and negligible cost of highlighting and damaging a brand online (brand mgmt and awareness)

    I mean who had even heard of Sky Handling Partner before this all happened? If you want a laugh check out their website :mrgreen:

    Best rgds

    Comment by Richard Hearne — June 26, 2007 @ 7:14 am

  5. Oh I wouldn’t blame him either but he did manage to push someone over the line with the insults.

    Totally dumb on their part for using a company PC and they might even loose their job over it. A reason why I wouldn’t allow employees to browse the net on company time.

    It sure is an excellent case study and its a perfect example on why companies really need to look after their customers. After all, customers are what makes the company profits.

    To be honest I never heard of SHP and when I first seen their name I thought they were something to do with the TV crowd.

    Their site is really bad and managed to crash my FF. Notice the image of the bag handler? Haha.

    Comment by Gavin — June 26, 2007 @ 12:48 pm

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