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5 Reasons Why I Blog

Posted in: Blogs by Richard Hearne on April 11, 2007
Internet Marketing Ireland

It’s nice to see one of these big blog memes make it to Irish shores. Both Gavin and myself were tagged by one Mr Halfdeck. Gavin put up a great post, so now it’s my turn.

So why do I blog?

  1. One real reason.

    I’d really love to say I blog to make the world a better place but I’ll be frank. I blog for one primary reason – to draw attention to myself so that I can earn a living. You may or may not have noticed that I don’t have a sales/brochure site, just a blog with one or two very basic pages to whore my wares (I can’t stop using the word whore since SMW007 – thanks Lar :mrgreen: ). And thus far it’s worked incredibly well.

  2. To interact with others

    The real beauty of blogs, and the reason why I always recommend that clients start blogging to achieve better SEO results, is because suddenly we can all interact via the blog. Readers can comment, respond, argue and engage. Engagement leads to links. Period.

  3. It’s just so damn easy

    OK. It does take some work, but think about it – WordPress installs in about four clicks. And I have to hand to the WP guys – it’s just such a worthy publishing platform. Easy, easy, easy, and very effective. Posting decent material does require some work, but the response you get in Point 2. above makes it all worth while. I have a lot of people to thank for that.

  4. To help others

    Without insulting the profit perogative in Point 1. above, I do try to help others if I can. By publishing that help on my blog it may also be useful to someone else later on. You know those moments when you’re looking for a solution to some problem and suddenly you find it on a blog somewhere? So I put as many solutions up on my blog because information is only useful if you can access it. And there I have stumbled upon another reason why I blog. Search engines just bloody love blogs. I don’t mean normal love. I’m talking about infatuation love. Hey, I’m not complaining :grin:

  5. Scrap all the above

    Here’s the real reason:


You can find that site at www.realex.ie.

Or at www.realexpayments.com if you are so inclined….

So why is Realex the real reason I blog? Well without crap sites like the Realex website I probably wouldn’t have too much to write about. You see blogs are the world’s Number #1 medium for that pastime we all love so much – the rant.

So here it is: I have a username and password to login to Realex Resource Centre. I don’t have the URL for the Resource Centre (client’s account). Do you think the site mentions Login? Anywhere?

But they do have a nice search box on each page. Search is so useful. I should know. But have you tried using the fantastic Realex site search feature? It’s really cool in a very deja-vu kind of way – no matter what you search for the result is always just a refresh of the page your searched from. No results to be found.

So there you are. That’s why I blog.

I was going to mention that I hadn’t been tagged before and then I remembered that indeed I had. And on that occasion I very rudely never responded. But I do hope that Pat has since forgiven me.

And finally here’s who I’m tagging:

  1. Damien Mulley (probably one of the most interesting Irish blogers)
  2. Pat Phelan (not because I ignored Pat’s earlier tag, but because I think he has fast become an authority in his niche, and I’m interested to learn what motivates him)
  3. Lar Veale (OK – it’s not Lar’s blog per-se, but, again, I really am interested in what motivates business blogging)
  4. Krishna De – another interesting business blogger, and I’m interested in the business side of things again.
  5. Thomas Holmes – a really positive blog (the yin to my negative yang) and dual language to boot. Interesting from so many angles.

This is a great meme and I hope it spreads to more Irish blogs.

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  1. Ha – thanks Richard!

    Spotted the link and the ‘really positive blog’ comment before I read the post. Was scratching my head on that one.

    Then I read the post and the rant about realex and it all started to make a little more sense! :-)

    There are so many badly designed sites. It can be painful. Try the French Internet! But I love that feeling when you find something of real quality. A real gem.

    As for the yin – well I’ve been accused of that one too! Wait till you see my new project!

    Thanks for the cool comments on the blog and for tagging me (darn – my invisible powers aren’t working…)!

    Comment by Thomas Holmes — April 12, 2007 @ 8:37 am

  2. Well lets see if any others take up my tag :)

    I think my jealousy revolves around the fact that I wish I could blog about positive stuff, but it simply isn’t in my make-up :mrgreen:

    But hey, watcha gonna do….

    Comment by Richard Hearne — April 12, 2007 @ 7:15 pm

  3. As for me – the only reason I blog is to share own mind with others. And to hear others, interact with them. Like yours point 2 :). In internet it is easier to gather own community with own interests. Blogs are the gathering point for them

    Comment by Dave Venti — April 13, 2007 @ 2:09 pm

  4. The only tags I have are bin tags

    Comment by Ambrand Dot Com — May 18, 2007 @ 12:35 pm

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