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Need WebStats? Google Analytics goes free for all!

Posted in: Google,JavaScript,Search Engine Optimisation,Statistics by Richard Hearne on August 16, 2006
Internet Marketing Ireland

If you are sick of AWStats, or even sicker of Webalizer, then you might be happy to learn that a free anternative is now available.

Previously invite-only, Google Analytics has now opened to the masses for business:

I’m happy to tell you that we’ve just removed the wait to receive a Google Analytics account. Now anyone with a website can instantly create one for free by simply by visiting google.com/analytics or by clicking on the “Analytics” tab within AdWords.

I have been using Google Analytics for quite a while now and have to say I like many of the data-rich features available and the very well deigned (in the most part) UI. The ability to share the accounts with my clients has also come in very handy.

The one warning I would give people new to Google Analytics is that, being a javascript based system, it doesn’t give you any information on server errors. Keeping an eye on the server logs form time to time is a wise move to spot any server-related issues.

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