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Bad Technology Day

Posted in: General,Technology by Richard Hearne on November 10, 2006
Internet Marketing Ireland

Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who got in touch – I will properly reply to all emails etc. ASAP.

Unfortunately I had one of those horrible technology days today. First the server decided to lose all my email for 13 hours then I discovered that the voice mails left on my VOIP service are devoid of any sound.

I have managed to get all my email back, but

if you left me a voice message I would ask that you please send me an additional email.

I did try calling back numbers, but gave up after the first disgruntled recipient (someone from TCD?) wasn’t too happy to converse.

My apologies to anyone who tried and failed to get me. And thank you very much for all the emails and comments :grin:

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