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Posted in: General,Marketing,Search Engine Optimisation,WebDev by Richard Hearne on August 12, 2006
Internet Marketing Ireland

I frequent many webmaster and SE forums which are great places to keep in touch with and learn about the ever changing SEO world. While the largest and best known forums provide exceptional information, the biggest problem I have is getting information specific to the Irish web market.

The work I do (which, yes I know, I need to document if I am ever to turn this website into a lead-generating medium) helps Irish companies to rank well for their chosen keywords and phrases. Generally these keywords and phrases relate in some way to Ireland and/or a particular geographic location in Ireland.

Most of the largest Internet forums are based in the US and while webmasters and web professionals from around the globe frequent these forums daily discussions specifically about the Irish market are, well putting it bluntly, non-existent.

Recently I have come across a plethora of sites run by Michele Neylon (who also runs Blacknight Web Hosting). I’m not sure how he manages so many Internet properties AND runs a large business, but somehow he does (are you sure there aren’t two of you Michele?).

Anyhow, one of the sites run by Michele is irishwebmasterforum.com. Originally the forum board of Search.ie, Michele has recently spun the board out to it’s own domain. There are many highly experienced and IT literate people posting on this particular board and it is a great resource for Irish-centric webmaster information.

It’s well worth a look in – I have always found someone willing to offer a response to any question I have posted there (I answer one or two SEO related questions myself from time to time :) ).

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