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Click Through Rates Can Soar With The Correct Copy

Posted in: Link Building,Marketing,Search Engines by Richard Hearne on October 5, 2006
Internet Marketing Ireland

I just saw this Hitwise UK blog post about the importance of well crafted anchor text and I think it is a very useful read for anybody using SEM (PPC):

Paid and Organic Search – Impact of Ad Copy on Click Through Rates (Post 2 of 3)

The post makes for interesting reading – the findings are sure to apply in many other contexts also.

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  1. Nice find. A change in copy can do wonders for CTR and also for general sales. User focus and a strong call to action are a must.

    Comment by Dave — October 13, 2006 @ 8:41 am

  2. Hey Dave

    Their feed is worth grabbing – sometimes has some great stats.



    Comment by Richard — October 13, 2006 @ 11:09 am

  3. Its already in Feedreader :) Cheers Richard.

    Comment by Dave — October 13, 2006 @ 11:25 am

  4. Great to hear we’re in your reader and thanks for introducing me to your site (and for the link-love!).

    We hope to do more analysis on ad copy and clickthrough rates. The unsurprising finding so far on our paid and organic search data is that consumers click on the first result that seems relevant. If it’s paid – so be it!

    Thanks again.


    Comment by Heather Hopkins — October 23, 2006 @ 6:34 pm

  5. Hi Heather

    Thanks for commenting. And even more thanks for the content you guys publish. There really are some great posts on your feeds and it’s very nice to get some research-based analysis.

    I do hope you will publish some more data-driven analysis of user behaviour on the SERP pages and search in general . I’m quite sure there is plenty of demand for that type of information.

    The pleasure was mine.



    Comment by Richard Hearne — October 23, 2006 @ 6:42 pm

  6. Hi Richard
    I surfed over to this post and read it, and I cannot agree more. Well crafted anchor’s can help when you want to rank for a desired search term.
    Thanks for the post. Cheers.

    Comment by Affiliate Network — March 12, 2007 @ 7:30 pm

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