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More Sitelink Variations from Google, #3 with Internal Related Forum Threads

Posted in: Search Engine Optimisation by Richard Hearne on September 14, 2009
Internet Marketing Ireland

This might not be new (I haven’t been hanging around the Interweb as much as normal the past while), but I just noticed some sitelinks that were very different to the regular sitelinks we’re used to seeing on Google.

This new variation shows 4 sitelinks, together with post date, and most interestingly appears for results other than the #1 position:

4 Sitelinks from related forum posts with post dates
4 Sitelinks from related forum posts with post dates for #3 ranked result

The above SERP showed an authoritative local OneBox (learn about local OneBox in my Google Local rankings post), followed by a site at #1 and again indented at #2, and then a thread from www.boards.ie holding #3. This is where it gets interesting – you can clearly see the 4 sitelinks containing links to other related threads with a date. The date is odd, and in some cases predates the original post date as per the forum.

Interesting all the same, and seems like Google are expanding the sitelinks program at this time.

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  1. I really love those kinds of Sitelinks :-). Sometimes you can tell that the best results are in a forum, getting a quick list of some threads that could match has saved me a lot of time.

    Comment by JohnMu — September 14, 2009 @ 5:07 pm

  2. [...] future updates. You can also subscribe to email updates.After noticing that Google were serving related forum sitelinks I came across this example of extended snippets under these sitelinks [...]

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