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St. Patrick’s Day Fun – Yahoo! Calls Irish Politicians ‘Snakes’

Posted in: General by Richard Hearne on March 16, 2007
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From Yahoo! Search Markekting Blog:

The following fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day were gleaned using Yahoo! Search in about 10 minutes:

  • The Irish Gaelic phrase, Erin go Bragh, literally translates to “Ireland until the Day of Judgment,” which is a cheeky way of saying what almost every culture says now and then: “We’re number one”
  • St. Patrick’s Day is a national holiday in Ireland
  • Despite St. Patrick’s best efforts, there are still a few snakes in Ireland, but most of them, as in other places, are in politics
  • Slainte! is Irish Gaelic for “cheers!” and is pronounced “Slan-jah”
  • The first St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the Americas was held in New York City in 1766, though the first observances took place in Boston
  • Today, some 150,000 marchers take part in the New York City parade
  • Irish tartans tend to go by district, unlike Scottish tartans, which are usually tied to a family surname or clan
  • About 34 million Americans claim Irish ancestry, and the Irish diaspora worldwide is said to comprise some 80 million people
  • The population of Ireland in 2006 was just under 6 million

Yahoo! wishes everyone a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day weekend.


[Emphasis added is mine.]

So I wonder exactly which politicians Yahoo! was referring to!

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  1. Maybe we should dial dem up and see?

    Comment by Dave Davis — March 17, 2007 @ 2:34 am

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